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How To Relieve Your Pain Naturally

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Do you experience pain on a regular basis? Whether you are in pain daily, or if it flares up
from time to time, chronic pain can be a big drain on your energy and lifestyle. The good
news is that there are natural ways to help relieve your experience of pain.

Reduce your inflammation

One of the greatest contributors to pain – and chronic disease in general – is what’s known
as inflammation.

When you have a short-term injury, inflammation aids the healing process by increasing
blood flow to the area to flood it with nutrients and white blood cells. But when
inflammation continues, it feeds into the development of chronic pain. Once chronic pain is
present, inflammation can continue to trigger flare-ups.

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Keep moving your body

When you’re in pain, it can be tempting to move less as a way to protect yourself from more
pain. But inactivity can further feed into the cycle of chronic pain.

For many years, doctors and healthcare providers recommended rest and avoiding activity
for chronic pain. But now the research shows that physical activity can improve pain severity
and physical function, as well as increasing overall quality of life.

This doesn’t mean you should start hitting the gym every day though! Your best bet is to
work with your healthcare team to find forms of movement that don’t aggravate your pain
and increase your overall fitness. For example, you may be recommended strengthening
exercises to support an injured joint.

Get better sleep

Another important part of managing your pain is to get the best night’s sleep you can.
During sleep, your body is hard at work, repairing tissues and rebooting your nervous
system. If you aren’t getting plenty of deep rest, it may make your pain worse.

Studies show that sleep problems have been associated with the risk of chronic pain, but
good sleep can increase the chance of recovery from chronic pain.

This can be tough to begin with, as chronic pain often makes sleep difficult. However, with
some small tweaks, you can begin the process of better sleep, and help alleviate your pain

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Manage your stress levels

Did you know that stress can influence how you experience pain? Stress can modulate your
pain perception, meaning that in some people, it reduces the sensation of pain, and in others it can increase the sensation of pain. If you experience chronic pain, there’s a good
chance you fall into the latter group.

Within the nervous system and brain, there are many overlapping systems and processes
between stress and pain. This allows them to feed into each other – the more stress you
feel, the more pain you feel, and the more pain you feel, the greater your stress.

But in this vicious cycle, it is usually much easier to start reducing your experience of stress
rather than pain. So a good way to reduce your experience of pain is finding ways to
alleviate and manage your stress levels.

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Try acupuncture

If you are struggling to get on top of your pain, acupuncture may be the way to do so.
Acupuncture can help with pain relief and management.

Studies suggest that acupuncture has a number of anti-inflammatory actions within the
body, which may be why it can help to relieve pain. Acupuncture can also be useful to
relieve stress, which could further reduce your experience of pain.

Of course, it is important to remember that like any intervention, acupuncture cannot
reverse the processes of years or decades of pain in one single treatment! However, many
of our clients experience some level of symptom relief with the first session, followed by
gradual improvements as they complete their treatment plan.

Are you tired of your pain stopping you from enjoying life? If so, the team at Burnett House
is here to help you.

Our acupuncturist Jamie combines acupuncture with other tools such as dry needling and
remedial massage to relieve symptoms such as pain and stress naturally.

You may also like to work with our naturopath Trish, who can look at diet and lifestyle
factors that can help to address any underlying inflammation or stress that is contributing to
your pain.

To book an appointment with Jamie or Trish at our Bundaberg clinic, book an appointment
online here or call us on (07) 41522372

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