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Can Acupuncture Help With My Menstrual Cycle?

Acupuncture Menstral Cycle Bundaberg

Do you experience menstrual symptoms such as cramps, headaches and mood swings?
Wondering if acupuncture can help to relieve your symptoms? Let’s take a look at whether
acupuncture can help with menstrual concerns.

What are common menstrual symptoms?

Many women experience symptoms related to their menstrual cycle. Some are experienced
prior to a period (usually referred to as premenstrual syndrome or PMS) and some can be
experienced during the period.

Some common symptoms related to your cycle include:

● Cramps and period pain
Headaches & migraines
● Swollen, sore breasts
● Muscle pain, particularly in the legs and back
Brain fog
● Mood swings
● Exacerbation of mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety
● Food cravings
Digestive symptoms such as constipation or diarrhoea
● Bloating
● Acne outbreaks
In more severe cases (known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD), you may
● Depression
● Suicidal thoughts
● Panic attacks
● Extreme anxiety, anger or irritability
● Reduced concentration
● Insomnia
● Apathy or a lack of interest in life and activities
● Severe cramps
● Binge eating

It’s important to note that while many of the symptoms mentioned are a common
experience for women, that doesn’t mean you have to grit your teeth and put up with
them! There are many options out there to help relieve these types of symptoms. One that
you might like to consider is acupuncture.

Can acupuncture relieve symptoms of PMS and period pain?

Great question! The answer is that yes, acupuncture may be a useful tool for relieving some
specific symptoms associated with PMS and periods.

Acupuncture may assist with the symptoms associated with PMS by relieving the underlying
stress that contributes to your symptoms. For example, by managing the underlying stress,
you may experience some relief in mood-related symptoms such as irritation and

Acupuncture can also be used to help with pain relief and management. Some studies also
suggest that it can have a number of anti-inflammatory actions, and as we know, addressing
inflammation is a big part of reducing your pain levels.

There is even some research that shows promising results specific to period pain symptoms.
An Australian study looked at acupuncture’s effects on period pain over 3 months of

Over half of the women who participated had 50% or greater reduction in their period pain
symptoms. These benefits were sustained for up to 9 months after treatment ended.
There was also a decrease in the use of pain medications, as well as other menstrual
symptoms such as headaches, breast tenderness and mood changes.
So, whether you are experiencing cramps or breast pain prior to your period (PMS) or pain
during your period, acupuncture can be used as a relief option. If you’re unsure whether
acupuncture is the right fit for your specific symptoms, your best bet is to speak with your
acupuncturist to discuss.

Acupuncture and menstrual regulation
Could acupuncture help to regulate your menstrual cycle if it’s too long, too short, or simply

Some studies have found that acupuncture can promote the development of follicles and
ovulation. Although further research is needed to confirm these findings, this could explain
why many women experience improvements in their cycle regularity after undergoing an
acupuncture treatment schedule.

Are you considering acupuncture as a tool to relieve your menstrual symptoms and pain?
Our acupuncturist Jamie is here to help. By using acupuncture along with other tools such as
dry needling and remedial massage techniques, he can help to alleviate pain and stress and
have you feeling great again!

To book an acupuncture appointment at our Bundaberg clinic, book an appointment online
here or call us on (07) 41522372

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