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Hi, I’m Jamie, Acupuncturist and remedial massage therapist

Even after 20 years of practice I am still amazed at the power of acupuncture and how it can be used to treat so many conditions.

My goal is to help people with this age old modality, to allow them to experience relief using a more natural approach for their health concerns.
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Pain Management and Relief

Natural pain relief with acupuncture and remedial massage

Are you tired of being sore, tight or uncomfortable all the time because of your pain or injury?

Are you looking for a long-term solution to your pain instead of just a quick fix?

Whether your pain is from an acute injury or a long-term chronic pain condition, there are natural pain relief options.

At Burnett House, we offer a combination service that uses acupuncture and remedial massage to help with your pain. If you want to work with an experienced practitioner who understands pain and is committed to helping you find relief, you’re in the right place.

Can acupuncture help with pain?

Acupuncture is widely used for a variety of pain-related conditions. Some of the common issues we use acupuncture with include:

There are a few different ways that acupuncture can be beneficial for pain:

By stimulating the nerves in the muscle and surrounding tissues, acupuncture encourages the body to release feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. These endorphins affect the way that your brain and nervous system register and deal with any pain you might experience.

Acupuncture can also promote the release of anti-inflammatory compounds in the body. As inflammation plays an important role in the experience of pain, particularly chronic pain, reducing it is key for pain management.

Like massage, acupuncture can help to release tight muscles. This can reduce stiffness and increase the mobility of a tight or injured joint. It may also help to increase circulation through the injured area, reducing swelling and bruising.

The good news is that acupuncture can be used alongside any other conventional treatment you’ve received from your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor.

How does remedial massage help with pain?

Remedial massage, unlike relaxation massage, is focused on addressing injury and chronic muscular pain. So it does have a role to play when it comes to pain relief.

Remedial massage can help to relieve pain in a number of ways, including:

  • Easing muscle tension and tightness
  • Reducing stress hormones
  • Improving circulation to the injured area, reducing swelling
  • Encouraging production of feel-good endorphins

However, there are times where remedial massage alone may not be enough, or may not be effective on its own. If the root cause is deep within the body, or is inflammatory in nature, massage may only provide temporary relief.

For example, massage can offer short-term relief for those with arthritis, but it doesn’t address the underlying inflammation. Another example is headaches and migraines – massage may help with a tension headache, but it is unlikely to have much of an effect on migraines or cluster headaches.

Why a combination of acupuncture and remedial massage is more effective

Every type of treatment has its benefits and limits. By combining the two treatments together, we offer you a more holistic and long-term approach to relieving the source of your pain and symptoms.

Another benefit of using acupuncture alongside remedial massage is treating concerns and areas that massage cannot. Acupuncture can reach deep structural muscles and joints around the spine. It can gently treat tendons that massage would inflame and irritate.

Acupuncture may even have benefits for non-muscular pain such as arthritis and migraines, thanks to its endorphin-boosting effects.

How we can help

At Burnett House, our acupuncturist and remedial massage therapist Jamie offers a holistic treatment to relieve your pain and work towards long-term wellness. Jamie has extensive experience working with pain and pain-related conditions, so he understands the power of combining treatment styles for pain relief.

Every client will have a personalised plan based on their presentation. But if you seek help with pain, your treatment plan may include a combination of:

  • Assessment of the pain or injury
  • Acupuncture for its many benefits for pain
  • Remedial massage treatment in combination with Acupuncture to relieve muscle tension and tightness, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, joint mobilising and stretching
  • Dry needling to relieve pain of trigger points
  • Posture assessment and correction, including rehabilitation exercises
  • Cupping

Some of these treatments may be used in each session, and some may be used as needed. By using a variety of tools and tailoring them to your needs, Jamie ensures that you’re receiving the best care possible.

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