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A naturopath is the best of both worlds – they have dietary knowledge like a nutritionist, and the herbal wisdom of a herbalist.
Hi I’m Trish Naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist.

I love a challenge and my goal is to help people regain their health so they can take on any adventure they choose and enjoy life to the fullest.

My aim is to be here to help my clients regain control of their health, feel good about themselves and have the energy to enjoy life with vitality.
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What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a type of natural therapy that combines nutrition, dietary and lifestyle advice with therapeutic herbal medicines. Although it is a holistic therapy, it is still rooted in research and evidence-based care.

A naturopath is the best of both worlds – they have dietary knowledge like a nutritionist, and the herbal wisdom of a herbalist.

What sort of health concerns can naturopathy help with?

Naturopathy can support your health in a variety of ways! 

You might be feeling stressed, anxious and have a lack of motivation for everyday tasks. You could be experiencing digestive issues such as bloating, pain and discomfort, constipation or food intolerances.

Naturopathy can also support you if you have a diagnosed health concern. Trish often works with diagnosed issues such as infertility, insomnia, depression and autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s. 

Working with a naturopath can also help uncover the root cause of unexplained symptoms. For example, if you’re struggling to achieve weight loss goals, Trish will look for signs of an underactive thyroid and hormonal imbalances.

Even if you’re feeling good, you can still work with a naturopath to prevent future health issues. People often choose to do this if they have a strong family history of a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease. 

How does naturopathy help you?

A naturopathic treatment plan at Burnett House aims to achieve several goals.

The first goal is relief of your immediate concerns and symptoms. After all, that is why you’ve sought out support!

The second is to gain an insight into the root causes of your health concerns. We do this through further investigations, testing and examining your current diet and lifestyle.

The final goal is to personalise the plan to your specific needs. Your treatment plan may incorporate herbal and nutritional supplements, dietary advice or an eating plan, and lifestyle advice. Each piece of advice is curated to promote long-term optimal health, but still fit within your lifestyle and budget.

Naturopathy is wonderful, but it’s not a quick fix or instant cure. Sometimes, achieving these goals is straight-forward. But sometimes, it needs to be taken one step at a time. If you’ve had health issues for 1, 5, 10 or 20 years, we’re unlikely to fix it in one consultation!

Can naturopathy work alongside my current healthcare plan?

Absolutely. Trish often works with doctors and specialists to ensure the best outcomes for her clients. The advice given during a naturopathy consult will be complementary to any advice or medications prescribed by your GP or specialist.
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